The “Gum Keeper” Chewing Gum Holder Case – No More Spills!

Unwrap a pack. Load it in the Gum Keeper. Grab a fresh stick every time!

Gum Keeper chewing gum holder case in action

The Gum Keeperâ„¢ holds packages of five-stick chewing gum – prevents spills and is fun to use!

Watch How it Works

About Gum Keeper

Stick-chewing gum is softer, easier to chew, tastes fresher and lasts longer than pellet gum.  The package is small enough to carry around in a pocket, purse or bag. However, as soon as you remove a stick, the rest of the sticks can easily spill out and be ruined. That’s why we came up with the Patent-Pending Gum Keeper chewing gum holder case – fresh gum and no more mess! The Gum Keeper is 100% made in Colorado, USA.

For years, I have had to throw away ruined packs of gum. With the Gum Keeper, my gum stays fresh and in tact.


Very convenient while keeping gum in my pants pocket! I like the easy application while inserting gum packs!